Monday, October 09, 2006

One Million Years BC- My First Dinosaur Film

I first became aware of this film when I saw a trailer during a visit to the cinema when I was six. "Brontosaurus! A moving mountain of flesh and bone!" boomed out the typically mid-Atlantic voice-over. A phrase that stuck in my mind and comes to me even now whenever the film is mentioned. It was reassuring, when watching the original trailer on the DVD, that I had remembered the phrase exactly. Certainly I remembered the Brontosaurus but nothing of Raquel Welch, of course.
I remember being outraged and telling my mother that the whole thing was ridiculous: dinosaurs and people being around at the same time? Everyone knew that dinosaurs died out 70 million years before men appeared. That was in 1966, of course. Since then the disappearance of the last dinosaurs and the appearance of the first men seem to have got closer by a few million years but not so as to make this scenario possible. This disn't stop some of the posters for the film claiming "That was the way it was". Er, no, it wasn't.
I realise that I only saw the film for the first time on televison years later. Probably in black and white. I think that watching it again on DVD last week was only the second time I had seen it and the first time in colour.

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