Wednesday, October 04, 2006

..or cavegirls in animal skin bikinis.

I don't care really.

If you look at Raquel Welch in seminal cavegirl film, One Million Years BC you will see that she is actually wearing an animal skin bikini (deerskin?). I suppose that it would be a fur bikini if the fur was on the outside but I'm sure that wouldn't feel as nice for her. Newspapers and magazines when talking about the film always go on about the fur bikini but it really isn't one. But then the whole concept of a fur bikini is ridiculous anyway, given that it wouldn't be at all practical, in a hostile prehistoric environment, for anything other than looking good. I used to live in Chelsea in London and the big department store there, Peter Jones, had a section called Cruisewear. This was, essentially, a selection of swimsuits which you couldn't get wet because of what they were made from (I don't remember any fur ones) or their totally impractical design. They were just designed for lounging around in and looking good. Raquel's bikini is, therefore, really neolithic cruiswear and is actually designed for lounging around in on a large dug-out canoe.

Whatever, this blog is going to be a random collection of nice pictures of girls in fur/hide bikinis together with some reviews of appropriate cave girl films.

I will also stray into African jungle babes and Lost Worlds if they are wearing appropriate clothes!


  1. Just found your page. There is a wealth of pictures and other related topics about cavegirls and the like all over the web. You've just scratched the surface here. I can send you some samples if you'd like...


  2. Consider Senta Berger, wonderful actress.



  3. Oddly enough she is going to be the subject of my next post!

  4. It looks more like seaweed(!) than fur or animal skin, but I thought this would be right up your street:

    Barbara Bach.

    I'm not sure if it derives from Caveman (1981) or, more likely, Island of the Fishmen (1979) (aka Screamers).