Monday, January 22, 2007

Cavegirl:Raquel Welch-Cavegirl supreme!

So, MAC cosmetics have voted RW as a beauty icon at the age of 66. Quite right too, although how much of her age-defying looks are genetic and how much surgical I don't know.

The fact is that during One Million Years BC she lit up the screen every time she was on it and I don't think she ever looked better.

As the sixties went on her hair got bigger and she looked more plastic. Also, how many RW films has anyone actually seen?

But in an animal skin bikini she is unsurpassed, despite the very many actresses and models who have tried to emulate the look since.

One Million years BC shot her to stardom but in fact it could be argued that one photograph shot her to stardom. Taken admist the sulphurous fumes on the Canary Islands this black and white shot was later coloured for the film's posters in endlessly different ways. Legs apart confidently but arms held in a slightly more hesitant, and therefore vulnerable, pose, her bust literally overshadowing the rest of her body, the picture is taken from waist height and makes her appear to be more of an Amazon Queen than her 5'6" would allow. It is one of the most iconic film star pictures of the sixties and indeed one of the most iconic pictures ever of an actress. The fact that it was grabbed quickly, as Raquel was choking on the fumes, makes it one of those happy accidents that often make the best photographs.

What none of the girls who tried to copy the look had, of course, was the 37.5"/22.5"/35.5" figure that Raquel possessed when she made this film. These more modern shots demonstrate her awesome waist/hip ratio (she had had two children by the time she made One Million years BC). No modern pin-up has a 22 inch waist!

Cavegirl Rating: 10/10


  1. Very nice site with even nicer photos. Thanks for making this site!

  2. i first saw her when i was like 7 and i still think even now she still the hottest women in the worl. im now 37