Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cave Girl Art 2: One Million Years BC

Here is an example of computer generated art entitled One Million Years BC by someone who appears to sign themselves "Terrace".

Like most bad computer art it looks like a still from a game rather than a painting, although some of the really good artists can produce stuff that you can't tell from airbrush work.

It doesn't depict a scene from the film but obviously depicts humans together with dinosaurs so shares the same universe.

The girl has that faintly Oriental look that Japanese artists sometimes achieve when trying to paint westerners. Her outfit consists entirely of leather straps and very un-Stone Age metal rings. More like Keira Knightly in King Arthur than Raquel Welch.

The T-Rex is quite good but the girl is not convincing, although she has a large bust without it looking too silicone like; unusual for the genre.
Cavegirl rating: 4/10

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