Monday, December 17, 2007

Heather Graham does Cavegirl

I admit to never having seen Heather Graham in a film but she seems quite well thought of. Here she is trying to recreate Raquel's classic costume from One Million Years BC. Whilst she obviously lacks Miss Welch's assets she gets the pose quite well and looks nice and shiny. Seven out of ten, I think.

Grrowl! Heather imitates a Smilodon.

Well, I have revisted this post as I have researched Miss Graham a little more and I withdraw the somewhat derogatory comments about her assets. Nothing lacking about them at all, she makes a fine cave girl in a fur bikini!

We do like a girl in a nice plain vest.

Oh my goodness! Nice frock!

Almost cave firelight here!

So, apologies, Miss Graham, you are welcome at my cave any day. I officially revise your score to eight out of ten.

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