Sunday, December 30, 2007

More Cavegirl Fancy Dress

With Christmas and the New Year their seem to be even more cavegirl outfits in the fancy dress shops. The first one is very much in the fifties mode, pre Raquel Welch, and probably best, given most women's figures. I like the tooth necklace and armlet. At least this model looks like she could take on a charging Wooly Rhino.

This one looks like she could take on a wolly mammoth!

This one is from a shop in South Africa. Her club looks more like a baseball bat and the outfit, whilst two-piece, looks like it was made from a set of 1970s curtains. Not flattering!

Finally, two views of the same costume. You would have to be very young, fit and have a phenomenally positive self image to get away with this one. I suspect that it is designed more as recreational wear for private use than something you would wear to an event!

Nice dangly bits!

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