Wednesday, January 09, 2008

10,000 BC

It's quite a long time since we have had a prehistoric film come out but now here comes 10,000 BC which is released on March 14th.
Written and Directed by Roland Emmerich (Stargate, Independence Day) it tells the story of a mammoth hunter whose girlfriend (Camilla Belle) is kidnapped and he leads a band of hunters to get her back. At this point it goes into Stargate territory with pyramids and advanced civilisations so it's not a "historical" pre-historic film like, say, Quest for Fire or Clan of the Cave Bear.

It's Quest for Fire meets Stargate meets The Mummy Returns!

Domesticated Mammoths!

Now, I enjoyed Stargate, rubbish though it was so this is either going to be an entertaining romp or a total disaster. Let's hope it's a big hit and generates a whole range of prehistoric films.

Miss Belle is our candidate for cavegirl in fur bikini but I suspect that she will be wearing something more conventional. She is not exactly busty but she does have a nice pout.
When did you last wash your face?

Real cavegirls are grubby

Now, are you sure this film is really going to win me an Oscar?

It's amazing what a Wonderbra can do

Never mind the mammoths and sabre tooths look great.

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