Friday, January 11, 2008

Birthday Cavegirls!

Rather bemused by the interest in Cavegirls in Fur Bikinis my wife and daughter gave me this amazing 3D birthday card yesterday. It must have taken days to put together. They do seem to have captured the essence of the genre despite never having seen One Million Years BC or, indeed, any other Cavegirl film!

All the girls are named after some of my favourite babes:

First we have Rachel. She is the cavegirl hunter and has a scary collection of spears and a crocodile she captured becuase it made off with the girls' boiled egg (according to my daughter). She is actually a Rachel Stevens doll. I think we agree that Rachel Stevens would make a very fine cavegirl!

Next we have Alesha. I think she is the cave medicine woman and the snake is her familiar. Alesha sounds like a good cavegirl name. This one doesn't really resemble Alesha Dixon at all but, again, Alesha would make an excellent cavegirl. She'd be very good at tribal dancing!

I think that the snake makes her look more like this picture of Rachel Weisz.

Finally we have Flavia. In a wig. She is the cave cook and has baked me a stone age cake, which looks exactly like..a stone! Top Latin American dance Queen, Flavia Cacace, would also look good in a fur bikini due to her awesome tummy!

So thank you, for all the effort put into this very special card! It's a classic!

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