Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cavegirl: Kelly Brook

Here is Kelly Brook looking all cavegirl in this little animal print outfit. She looks more like a fifties cavegirl than a post Raquel one. She could also conceivably be a cavegirl washed up on the beach in this one:

There are many, many fine Kelly pictures on the internet but this is one of my favourites.

A lovely girl but her outfit is only marginally cavegirl like so:

Cavegirl Rating: 6/10

Cavegirl: Athena Massey

Doeskin bikini!

Athena Massey is one of those B-movie actresses who seems to build up a cult following disproportionate to her actual achievements.

Athena displays her achievements

She has never appeared in a cavegirl film but has posed very effectively as a cavegirl, as can be seen.

Californian teeth!

Born in Orange County in 1971 she has appeared in quite a number of erotic thrillers and such but also some mainstream TV even including an episode of Star Trek: Voyager.

Girls who are happy to do bath scenes without heaps of bubbles deserve to be popular.

Nice Earrings!

Athena as space/Atlantis warrior princess. Stone age spear, though!

So we quite like Athena and her cavegirl outfit at the top is a good one.

Cavegirl Rating: 7/10

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cavegirl Art 6: Red headed cavegirl

This looks like a pastel drawing and features a feisty red-headed cavegirl. She has a good Stone-Age looking spear and a nice fur bikini. She looks like she could handle herself in a fight with a red-headed wooly rhino!

Red hair is, of course, a Northern European mutation and last year there was a lot of nonsense indicating that red heads could be extinct by 2060. Even if this was true, which I doubt, it would be a shame. My first four girlfriends were all red heads, my interest partly encouraged by my love for Pre-Raphaelite art. There was something quite thrilling in stripping them off and discovering that they were red all the way down. Or rather, bright orange, in some cases. A report last year, from a bunch of scientists in Germany with nothing better to do, said that red-headed women get more sex than blondes and brunettes. Not surprising, I say!

I am curious, orange.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cavegirl Valentine!

This was my Valentine's day "card" from my wife. I'm speechless, really!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cavegirl Fancy Dress: 4

Three more fancy dress cavegirls, all going for the animal print theme. This leads to a very important philosophical question, of course, namely: When does a cavegirl fancy dress costume become a jungle girl fancy dress costume? Classic jungle girls such as Jane and Sheena dress in a very similar way and there is considirable overlap. In the future, I believe that there is enough overlap to cover jungle girls (uncover them?) in more detail in these pages. There are characters like Veronica from the TV show Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World who are, on the surface, jungle girls but are also co-existing with dinosaurs. If you throw into the mix post-apocalyptic girls like Axa from the Romero comic strip, you start to look at quite a complicated Venn diagram.

From the above selection I think it is fair to say that the bottom one could be a jungle girl. The rather too civilised black bobbles militate against this being a cavegirl costume (although she is my favourite girl from this selection). The other two, without accessories, could be both but the presence of prop teeth, bones and clubs puts them firmly into the cavegirl camp, I think.

Cavegirl: Dana Gillespie

Quite the most striking thing about The People that Time Forgot is the outrageously busty (44 inch bust!) Dana Gillespie who plays cavegirl Ajor. She doesn't wear a fur bikini, as she needs to demonstrate that she is technologically advanced, but instead wears one of the most interesting doe-skin dresses ever created.

It's not just her ample bust we are treated to either, as the dress is slit to her hipbone enabling lost of shots of her toned thighs (and higher) as she scrambles up hills.

An eighteen year old Dana

Dana Gillespie herself is a very interesting person. As a youngster she was British waterskiing champion (imagine trying to zip her into a wetsuit... oh dear, perhaps we shouldn't have) four years running until a knee injury ended her career.

She was really always a singer and composer and recorded her first record at the age of 15.

Dana and then boyfriend David Bowie (or David Jones as he was at this point)

As a schoolgirl (she went to the same school as Joan Collins) she had a young David Bowie teaching her the guitar and they later recorded together.

Good job she didn't take up the accordian.

Other than TLTTF she appeared in a handful of other films in the sixies and seventies.

Before TLTTF she was in Hammer's profoundly weird The Lost Continent where she played the most buxom pirate girl in cinema history (and that is saying something).

He's behind you!

With Robert Powell in Mahler

She was also in Ken Russel's Mahler (for which she composed a song) and Nicolas Roeg's Bad Timing.

Here is a publicity still done for the Lost Continent where they don't even bother to put her in her film costume but just squeeze her into some lingerie.  Dana did some other glamour modelling as well and photographers were obviously well aware of her charms (well, you'd have to be blind...).

She also did some TV work (including, inevitably, The Bill) and appeared on stage in musicals such as Jesus Christ Superstar and Tommy (where she played the Acid Queen).

Her father is Baron de Winterstein Gillespie and she was born on 30 March 1949 in London. Her real name is Richenda Antoinette de Winterstein Gillespie!

Dana, Chaka Khan and Bonnie Tyler!!

Dana today.

Truly a Renaissance cavegirl!

As a cavegirl, while she may lose points for not actually wearing a fur bikini, she gets many points back for looking so completely splendid. She also had to deal with pidgin English-type cavegirl dialogue, which was more than Raquel had to do. So, all in all her we think she scores:

Cavegirl Rating: 9/10

Dana did a fair bit of modelling and is a striking 5' 8" tall. At her peak (peaks?) she measured a jaw-dropping 44-26-37. She is, therefore, the only Cavegirl who can go chest to chest with Raquel Welch and not look inferior (in fact, Raquel's bust does not match up to Dana's at all).

A fine portrait of a 24 year old Dana from Penthouse UK in 1974

She now runs the charity Mustique Blues Festival at the end of January and has a website with details of her concerts, CDs and much more.

It is really as a blues singer that she is most well known now and she has recorded over 50 albums, many of which are still available. In fact she was performing live not far from where I live on Sunday. If I had known at the time I would have gone down there! She performs all over the world but especially in Austria as she is half Austrian.