Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cavegirl Fancy Dress: 4

Three more fancy dress cavegirls, all going for the animal print theme. This leads to a very important philosophical question, of course, namely: When does a cavegirl fancy dress costume become a jungle girl fancy dress costume? Classic jungle girls such as Jane and Sheena dress in a very similar way and there is considirable overlap. In the future, I believe that there is enough overlap to cover jungle girls (uncover them?) in more detail in these pages. There are characters like Veronica from the TV show Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World who are, on the surface, jungle girls but are also co-existing with dinosaurs. If you throw into the mix post-apocalyptic girls like Axa from the Romero comic strip, you start to look at quite a complicated Venn diagram.

From the above selection I think it is fair to say that the bottom one could be a jungle girl. The rather too civilised black bobbles militate against this being a cavegirl costume (although she is my favourite girl from this selection). The other two, without accessories, could be both but the presence of prop teeth, bones and clubs puts them firmly into the cavegirl camp, I think.

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