Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cavegirl Art 6: Red headed cavegirl

This looks like a pastel drawing and features a feisty red-headed cavegirl. She has a good Stone-Age looking spear and a nice fur bikini. She looks like she could handle herself in a fight with a red-headed wooly rhino!

Red hair is, of course, a Northern European mutation and last year there was a lot of nonsense indicating that red heads could be extinct by 2060. Even if this was true, which I doubt, it would be a shame. My first four girlfriends were all red heads, my interest partly encouraged by my love for Pre-Raphaelite art. There was something quite thrilling in stripping them off and discovering that they were red all the way down. Or rather, bright orange, in some cases. A report last year, from a bunch of scientists in Germany with nothing better to do, said that red-headed women get more sex than blondes and brunettes. Not surprising, I say!

I am curious, orange.

1 comment:

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