Monday, May 05, 2008

Cavegirl Art 7: Cavegirl with snake bikini

Not all cavegirl art is good art. Well, actually hardly any cavegirl art is any good by the standards of, say, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. Some might say he didn't do good art either but I bet he could have done a great cavegirl painting. Look at In the Tepidarium (below) to see the potential he had. He handles the girl's body really well and the fur is sensational. All this in a picture about 12 inches wide. I saw it in a gallery a few years ago and it really is a tiny picture.

I have no idea who did the picture at the top but it is wrong in so many ways. The comic book look is fine, I suppose, and I actually quite like the muted palate and the composition with the tree on the right is quite well balanced by the bushes at bottom left. The girl's figure is weird and looks like a typical silicon porn star. I have a theory that many of the artists who do these pictures just copy girls off porn sites. Either that or they haven't seen any real busts. Or maybe girls do look like that in America. She's also not that pretty which you would at least expect. I think I would have given her a bigger mouth. The spear is too short (again) and the perspective on it looks off. As for the bikini; what is this with having a snake holding it up? It doesn't look like a dead one either. It must be very well trained. I do quite like the bone holding the bikini top together, though.

Cavegirl rating: 4/10