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Julie Ege 1943-2008

This is a publicity shot. In Creatures the World Forgot she kept her top on and had dark hair.

A joyous picture

I was saddened to learn of the death, at the end of April, of Norwegian actress Julie Ege. Julie was the star of the Hammer prehistoric film, Creatures the World Forgot (1971).

The coast at Sandnes in Norway. Also very, very attractive

Born Julie Dzuli in the Norwegian coastal town of Sandnes in southern Norway she became a model before moving to Oslo and winning the Miss Norway contest in 1962 (surely one of the harder beauty contests to win?).

Miss Universe finalists 1962. Julie is on the middle row second from the left

She went onto the Miss Universe competition but didn't even make the last fifteen, incomprehensibly.

She worked as an au pair in London before appearing in a film in Norway and then returning to London.

Then her husband persauded her to appear in Bob Guccione's Penthouse magazine. Guccione started Penthouse in London four years before the American edition and indeed, even when the magazine appeared in the US most of the early Pets were from Europe.

Unlike her French equivalent London-based sex symbol, Pascal Francoise, Julie never appeared as a Pet in the US edition but she did go on to make a string of. largely, sex comedies in the UK in the early seventies. Her Penthouse appearance did get her a brief role as the Scandinavian babe in the Bond film OHMSS and she also appeared in one of my favourite films of the seventies, the hugely underrated The Final Programme (1974). She was also incandescently beautiful in Roman hairdo and dress in Frankie Howard's Up Pompeii (1971).

How she looked in Creatures the World Forgot.

But it is for her appearance in Creatures that the World Forgot that we remember her here. By this stage Hammer no longer required their heroines to wear fur bikini tops and Julie was always ready to strip off if the part required it artistically but it was her female co-stars who appeared topless not Julie.

When faced with Julie many directors seemed to have these artistic leanings (although she claimed she only appeared nude in 3 brief scenes in all of her films).

A timelessly beautiful girl.

As a teenager in the seventies when, frankly, there were very few really attractive women in the media (100 Sexiest Women of the year? You'd be lucky to come up with a handful for the whole of the decade!) Julie was the personification of gorgeous Nordic naughtiness for me and most of Britain in the early and mid-seventies.

She became a famous personality over and above her film career and achieved a national profile in a way that, for example, Caroline Munro, for all her cult following, never did. She made her last UK film, The Amorous Milkman (!) in 1975 and apart from a few TV and stage appearances in Norway left show business to train as a carer.

She was first diagnosed with cancer in 1986 and although that was successfully treated she was stricken with lung cancer in 2002 but continued to work as a nurse.

Julie in 1999

This picture of her in 1999 shows that she was still gorgeous at 56.

As a cavegirl we really can't give her anything but:

Cavegirl Rating: 9/10 (and she only loses a point for the dark wig)

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