Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cavegirl Art 9: Early cavegirl in fur bikini

This rather splendid cavegirl dates from 1941 and, as such, is probaby one of the earliest paintings of a cavegirl in a fur "bikini" (although the term itself was not coined until 1946 by Louis RĂ©ard).

This cavegirl picture (whilst rather curiously setting a cavegirl in the Bronze Age) shows off the artist Earl Moran's characteristic light and shade work. She is very timeless (appropriately) and doesn't look "forties" in any way.

The picture is by top pin-up artist Earl Moran (1893-1984). Moran was a master of pastels and did pin-up work from 1932 until the late 1950s when he decided to concentrate on fine art work until his eyesight failed in the early eighties.

He was most famous for hiring, in 1946, a young model called Norma Jean Dougherty at $10 an hour and she worked for him for three years before becoming more famous as Marilyn Monroe.

A classic picture of Norma Jean by Moran.

Norma Jean in Moran's studio

Moran paints Norma Jean

Norma Jean by Moran

Beauty Parade was an early girlie magazine run by Robert Harrison but Moran was a partner in the magazine and often contributed the covers. In fact, this one from October 1941 was the first issue of the magazine.

I really like this picture and so am quite happy to give it: 10/10

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