Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cavegirl: Julie Ege 2

Julie Ege in Creatures the World Forgot

Further to my earlier piece on Norway's finest cavegirl, Julie Ege, I have been searching high and low for the pictures she posed for in Penthouse which helped launch her film career in the UK.

Julie Ege on the cover of Penthouse

These don't seem to be available on the web but thankfully eBay came to the rescue and so we now present the girl they called Julie Edge who was presented as The Nudest Miss Norway even though it had been nearly five years since she took that crown.

" Will stripping for a magazine get me more film work?"

The magazine said that the then 22 year old Julie was already being sought out by film producers and that year she made her first (uncredited) appearance in the British film Robbery (1967) loosely based on the Great Train Robbery.

The film had a great cast of British character actors: Stanley Baker (Zulu), James Booth (Zulu - he was also in Twin Peaks!), Bary Foster (Van de Valk and I particularly remember him playing the Kaiser in Fall of Eagles), Frank Finlay (The Three Musketeers and also played Van der Valk in a French film), George Sewell (UFO and just about every British TV series from the 60s to the 90s), Glyn Edwards (The Ipcress File, Minder and just about every British TV series from the 60s to the 80s) and Joanna Pettet (the original Casino Royale and then dozens of 70s and 80s American TV shows).

Sultry in the Sixties

The really important thing about the film was not, however, Julie's appearance but the fact that the director Peter Yates did such a good car chase that Steve McQueen personally requested that he direct Bullitt (1968).

Julie's Centrefold: Volume 2 Number 7 May 1967

The photographer of her pictorial was Penthouse's Art Director, Philip O Stearns who went on to become a famous fashion photographer (like several other Penthouse photographers).

However, amazingly, he also has a strong wargames link. He was born in Detroit Michigan and served with the OSS during the Second World War and was always interested in military history and militaria.

So apart from photographing naked babes for Penthouse he also took the pictures for the book that really got me into wargaming: The War Game, edited by Brigadier Peter Young which I got for Christmas in 1972 and still treasure. His evocative photographs of Peter Gilder's massed recreations of Waterloo and Gettysburg still inspire me today. He also wrote a book called How to Make Model Soldiers (as well as contributing to one called Six Nymphets!). Stearns was also a Captain in the Sealed Knot, which was presumably where he met Young.

So in one entry we have manged to link a cavegirl in a fur bikini to Zulu to the English Civil War and Penthouse photography to Wargames. A definitive entry for me, really!

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  1. An unspeakably lovely woman, I remember vividly from before the onset of my teens in '73. (I seem to remember her first getting my attention on one of the earliest ever Benny Hill shows, circa '69/'70).