Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An objectionable blog?

We are family. I've got all my sisters with me.

Well, when I logged on this evening I got a little message from Google saying some people had reported this blog as objectionable and warning people about this. I am amazed! I can only think that these people A: don't get out much or B: are the worse sort of feminists. (This will probably result in more complaints). For the record, I was bought up in an all female household in a family full of strong, gender barrier breaking women, think women are far superior to men but do think they are different (in that they look far better in fur bikinis!).


  1. Your a) choice is probably more accurate, some folks don't like to look at the (not so) naughty bits of cave girls (uh, that would be the bared breasts).
    Oh, and by the way, I enjoy your blog, keep posting as long as you want. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the support, mrc! It cheered me up on what had been a bad day!

  3. The same thing has happened to another site I like and contribute to, that contains female combat. The content level is similar to yours and the way that people can't tell the difference between this and porn is rather sad. The list of fights featured on this site that they have had pulled from You Tube is huge. These include those from PG rated movies. This fight site also has pictures of minimal clad girls but why people would object to this is hard to fathom. I mention this to show you are not alone in your stuggle against the prude police and to wish you success in the future. Keep up the good work.

  4. Interesting. I think I know the site you mean. It had never occured to me that it was the cat-fighting element!

    Thanks for the comments!

  5. I would go for puritan inspectors of the internet, who go to extraordinary efforts to carefully peruse sites they find objectionable and then report them, but of course only after they have carefully looked at every picture...