Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Spanish cavegirls ate tortoises

A smashing snack for a cavegirl

Palaeontologists from the University of Tarragona have found the remains of 526 tortoises at the Bolomor caves in Spain. The unlucky reptiles appear to have been roasted and eaten by the hungry cave people 2.5 million years ago. Although there are remains of cows, pigs, deer, goats, rabbits, birds, four dwarf elephants, a monkey, horses, hippos and two salmon as well. A hungry lot, Spanish cavemen!

A pet to us, a sort of prehistoric Pot Noodle snack to cavegirls.

The tortoises, which are the Hermanns variety popular today as pets (for some reason), showed signs of having their shells cracked and had human toothmarks on them.

Compared with all that tedious hunting and trapping involved in catching deer and dwarf elephants (although they must have had little legs and probably didn't run that fast) getting a tortoise must have been pretty easy. Given how macho Spanish men are, no doubt they went off hunting the exciting stuff and left our proto-Penelope Cruz cavegirls to crack open the odd tortoise for the stone age paella.

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