Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cavegirl Art 10: Cavegirls and sabretooths

Understandably, there are quite a few pictures of cavegirls and sabretooths because, at least, they did co-exist in history (unlike the more popular dinosaurs). So here are a selection of pictures:

In this first pencil sketch the cavegirl herself is rather fine; her fur bikini is nicely ragged and she has a reasonable spear. She is shapely without being ludicrously busty. The sabretooth is not so good. Firstly, it is far too big; much more than lion size, which is what smilodon was. Secondly the artist has used a tiger as his model, which is not uncommon, given that when I was small they were always referred to as sabre tooth tigers; however this nomenclature seems to have gone the way of Brontosaurus.

This picture, by the peerless Frank Frazetta, has a somilar cavegirl/sabretooth scale issue and again it's basically a tiger. However looking at the picture more closely we can see that she is far too technologically advanced to be a cavegirl. She has metal jewellery and a metal knife. She is either a time traveller down on her luck, on an alien planet or in a lost world.

Here we have a real Frazetta, Dawn Goddess, from the cover of Vampirella magazine in 1970. Again, she is not a cavegirl due to her metal acoutrements but the sabertooth is wonderfully rendered; looking much more like a Smilodon than a tiger or lion with big fangs.

This picture is by an artist called Sandy Plunkett. Again the girls isn't really a cavegirl as she has metal bracelets but otherwise she is superb: a really nice, athletic figure and a great fur bikini. The sabretooth is dreadful, however, with a really badly drawn head (although the size is about right).

Next up we have another Frazetta with some really anachronistic flying reptiles. A good, animated sabretooth and a typically curvaceous girl.

Here we have another School of Frazetta picture with a metal sword armed warrior and an alien sabretooth. The girl is pretty strapping and has that dark and obvious look I like!

Another real Frazetta with a couple of very feral looking sabretooths and an even more feral girl. Her fur bikini is bursting under the strain and I wonder how she gets her hair to stay up like that. Maybe she rubs sabretooth semen into it as prehistoric hair gel.

Finally, yet another Frazetta. This girl also has a metal spear but she wins the prize for having the most minimalist bikini; just a few wisps of fur. Hope its warm where she lives!


  1. That second one with the tiger does have a Frazetta signature in the lower left-hand corner.

    Love your blog! Always fun to read.

  2. Legatushedlius, I love your blog! Great stuff here.

    I'd be interested on your thoughts on this particular miniature: