Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reaper Miniatures 54mm Queen of the jungle

Biopunk has pointed me in the direction of this 54mm reaper minatures vignette by Gene van Horne (you can't be serious!)

She is very much in the cavegirl species whilst being, of course, from the genus of jungle girl. I haven't covered (uncovered) jungle girls yet as there are still many, many more cavegirls to reveal but maybe now is as good a time as any to start a little diversion. In fact, I can see a whole biological classification for cavegirls forming, which will need extra research.

Anyway, this figure is rather nice with her balletic pose and prominent sartorius muscle (we do like a girl with a nice toned sartorius!). Her doeskin (by the look of it - but you could surely paint it in the requisite spotted cat look) bikini is nicely minimalist and she has the classic teeth necklace. I'm not sure what the cat is supposed to be; a leopard, I suppose. You certainly need to be able to handle spots for this one. She sort of reminds me of some of the Lost World of Atlantis figures by Phoenix Model Developments which appeared back in the eighties. Although I have often been tempted by figures like this I always feel that they would eat into my 28mm painting time so have resisted so far. Nevertheless, I am sure it would grace any cavegirl collection.


  1. I really like this miniature and think there is only a fine line between jungle girl and cave girl. She reminds me of the girls from When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth which features both caves and jungle. I've noticed that you have a picture of the three female leads from this movie under your movie review section but the movie itself is not listed. Worth checking out on You Tube if you haven't seen it.

  2. I have seen the film, but only once on TV (the uncut version). Sadly, the uncut version isn't available on video or DVD (even though it is continuously promised!). Maybe watching the uncut YouTube version is the best way to be able to review it and the cavegirls are very fine!