Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cavegirl: Halle Berry

Would you like to get hammered?

The incandescently gorgeous Halle Berry qualifies as a cavegirl because of her part in the otherwise execrable The Flintsones (1994) film, where she played a character called Sharon Stone (who turned down the part-if only she had turned down Basic Instinct 2 as well!)

Sadly, her outfits are not that brilliant (she is rather overdressed in my opinion) but they do show off her trim waist and give a hint of her impressive bust.

Halle, whose curious name has nothing to do with the comet but in fact was named after her local department store, became even more gorgeous as she got older reaching her ultimate for a boxing themed shoot for FHM. Now 42, the former beauty queen continues to light up the universe wherever she appears.

These photographs make any comment quite unnecessary

It's black and white so it's art

Halle gives her bust a rest

Lovely back!
Cavegirl rating: 8/10 (largely down to her indifferent costume)

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  1. There were many things wrong with the Flintstones movie caused by a lack of imagination. It had criminals in it but no car chase and no use of dinosaur fart as tear gas. Sharon Stone changed from bad girl to good girl during the movie. What a terrible waste. She should have remained bad to the bitter end and taken on Wilma in a climatic catfight. They would both be dressed in skimpy outfits in true cavegirl tradition.

    The target audience should have been fans of the original show who are now of course grown up. I'm not suggesting it should have been R rated, just aimed at a more mature audience that appreciates satire and scantilily clad babes.