Saturday, February 07, 2009

Cavegirl: Carly Zucker

Footballer's WAG Carly Zucker is the new "face" of Lynx, a particularly cheap and nasty spray on perfume for men, actually invented by the French under the name of "Axe". We won't make any comment about French hygiene as the British newspapers take it up regularly anyway and it all ends up with complaints by the French Ambassador and French Farmers burning our goods as they arrive in France. Let us just say that we can't think of another country that has to sell cologne in litre bottles.

Carly. Fit

Anyway, Ms Zucker (a personal trainer-Hmm, I could do with getting a bit fitter) lives only a couple of miles away from me and is the fiancee of Joe Cole who plays for Chelsea (there are a lot of Chelsea players living around here because they have to live within 5 miles of their training ground which is just down the road).

The campaign is based around Raquel Welch's look in One Million Years BC, of course. This shows an advertising agency with good taste!

I think they have done a good job with Carly even if she can't compete with Raquel's bust. She certainly is one of the better imitators, partly becuase her face is closer to Raquel's/ So we are happy to give a:

Cavegirl Rating: 8/10


  1. French hygiene? what do you know about? you make me laugh with "british criticizes". Do you know something about france?
    ...come and live in that country before writing bullshit!

  2. The French do wash less: according to a French Government survey!