Friday, August 14, 2009

Cavegirl Art 11: Cavegirl on log

This wonderful painting by Frank Frazetta works for all sorts of reasons. In the background the tropical island looms in the mist in a most sinister way; threatening shapes could conceal all sorts of nameless terrors. Although we can't see her face, Frazetta's masterful rendering of her back and shoulder muscles show that she is looking at the island. As her log is being paddled past it rather than towards it this gives a nice sense of trepidation. The log she is astride is covered in nasty-looking, mouldy encrustations, contrasting with the girls smooth, pale skin. In the middle distance some flying creatures flock. Are they just seabirds or something more reptilian? The clunp of rushes on the left balance the solid shape of log and girl and counterbalance the shadowy island. Without them the painting would be over-heavy on the right. The cavegirl herself has a nicely unkempt fur loincloth and an engagingly primitive necklace of teeth.

Or does it work because it is just a painting of a girl with a fantastic arse with a huge gnarled object between her thighs?

Whatever, we give it 9/10

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  1. Great painting and site friend. This is one of Frazetta's concept paintings for his awesome film Fire and Ice, not to say you weren't aware of that. The whole film is obviously a swords and sorcery affair with a good bit of barbarian stylizings. The animation was incredible.

    I know its off topic but am I the only person on this huge rock that thinks that B.C. videogame for the Xbox should have come out?! I mean myself and others begged the company to continue making the game, it was essentially and Caveman/woman simulator with awesome graphics and a mssive world. Such a shame...