Sunday, August 09, 2009

Cavegirl: Raquel Welch from Men Only

Raquel in Men Only April 1966

It's far too long since I posted anything on here but this will change over the next few months as I have assembled a lot of material to share with the world!

To get us off to a good start I present a few more pictures of Raquel Welch in One Million Years BC. Now, most Raquel pictures on the web are the same but I don't think I have seen these before. They come from the April 1966 issue of Men Only.

Men Only is one of the oldest men's magazines; first published in 1935. In 1966 it carried a mixture of stories, articles, humour and some not very racy pin ups. After a long and venerable history by 1966 it was struggling against pushy, glossy Penthouse (first published in 1965) and within five years would be bought by Paul Raymond as the first rung in his adult magazine empire and re-launched as the main competitor to other UK rival, Mayfair.

A very fine, damp Raquel

There are two nice studies of Raquel and a few interesting behind the scenes shots. The film hadn't come out at the time of the article so very little was made of any dinosaurs as these were no doubt still being brought to life in post-production by Ray Harryhausen.

Raquel looks fantastic; even in a car park!

Some of the cast smoking themselves to extinction

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  1. excellent - you know i love the behind the scene photos.