Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Plastic Cavegirl: Cro Magnon Woman

Box art

Alternative legs and arms were included

In 1971, American plastic model kit manufacturer, Aurora launched arange of prehistoric kits. Some, like the Woolly Mammoth, were quite good and some were not so good. These were snap- -together models that, in theory, didn't need any glue.

They were largely popular, I suspect, because of the rather striking box art. I'm not sure who did the prehistoric range paintings. Top illustrator James Bama (now a hugely suceesful artist specialising in Western themes) did all their Horror personalities kits so may have done these. The original painting for Cro Magnon Woman sold on eBay about two years ago for $2,000.

Frankly, the kit itself, sculpted by Bill Lemon, is rather disappointing and even though it turns up on eBay reasonably often I am not tempted! It is in 1/13th scale and includes alternative legs and arms. It may have been based on Aurora's controversial The Victim kit from their Monster Scenes range. This so outraged Americans at the time that they picketed the company's New York factory asking for it to be withdrawn. They re-named it instead as Dr Deadly's Daughter.

Although the kit purports to be (pre) historical and the little plastic plaque included reads "Cro-Magnon Woman. 40,000 years ago in France. Late Pleistocene Time" the inclusion of a two headed snake rather militates against this!

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