Monday, August 24, 2009

Post Apocalyptic Cavegirls: She Wolves of the Westeland.

She Wolves of the Wasteland (1988) (original title Phoenix the Warrior) was a dirt cheap all female version of Mad Max. In the future all men have died out leaving only ravening lesbian women to rule (it sounds like parts of Vancouver). One woman becomes artificially impregnated in order to bear a male child and another warrior is assigned to protect her.

The Turkish Video cover showing the film under its original title

The Only (semi) nude scene in the film, sadly

Generally, this seems to be not that well regarded even by people, like me, who like trashy movies. There doesn't seem to be enough nudity in it (a lost opportunity, surely, with a planet full of lesbian gangs) and the sets are very poor, I gather. Oh well, I might still pick it up on Amazon and see what it is like. It does co-star one Peggy Sands, who is better known as Canadian Playboy Playmate Peggy McIntaggart. Unusually, Peggy became Playmate (January 1990) after the release of the film. Usually a girl is a Playmate first and then makes trashy B movies. If she does wear a fur bikini in the film it could justify a pictorial feature on her.

The film does certainly have a fur bikini poster and at least illustrates the rare example of Post- Apocalyptic cavegirl.


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  2. I just wish the girls in the movie had looked like the ones on the cover.