Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cavegirl: Nadia Cassini

Nadia Cassini in Quando gli uomini armarono la clava... e con le donne fecero din-don (1971)

We first became aware of Nadia Cassini when we saw her in the offbeat thriller Pulp (1972), starring Michael Caine, where she floated around Malta (standing in for Italy) in an amazing variety of early seventies outfits, including a great collection of boots.

Cassini in Pulp (1972)

A few years later we were in Rome and the newsstands were covered in posters featuring Cassini's appearance in the November edition of Italian Playboy.  We were unable to buy one immediately but we certainly imagined what the contents would be like quite a lot.

We managed to get a copy early one morning, on the last day of our holiday, before the family woke up.  We were not disappointed in the excellent pictures by Angelo Frontoni of Nadia on a motorbike displaying an awesomely fluffy pussy.

Nadia in Playboy Italia, November 1977.  Not her first nor, thankfully, her last appearance

Anyway, without doubt she deserves a post of her own on Venus Observations but for now lets look at her cavegirl pictures from the catchily named  Quando gli uomini armarono la clava e con le donne fecero din-don.

Firstly, of course, we need to examine her fur bikini.  It's a wild and ragged concoction and whilst it doesn't have anything like the stroke of design genius, in the diagonal cross strap from top to bottom, that Raquel's had it is still a superb effort. We particularly like the twin cord waist straps and dangly "tails".  It remains one of the best fur bikinis in the cinema.

Here we can see it in all its colour magnificence.  The random bits of extra fur add an intriguing tactile quality and, no doubt, added play value.

Here it is again displayed whilst on horseback.  To paraphrase Shakespeare, "Oh happy horse to bear the weight of Nadia!"


The wild, long shaggy hair adds considerably to Cassini's cavegirl appeal whether in or out of her fur bikini top.

Cavegirls need a good thick head of hair, of course, so that cavemen have something solid to grab onto when dragging them around.

Earlier in the film, when she is still a member of the more sophisticated lake dwelling tribe, she has an outfit that appears to be made from grass.  You can just see the top in the still below.

As for the rest of the outfit it can be seen below.  Again, note the double waist strap.  Obviously a de rigeur fashion effect in the late stone age.

Unlike Raquel Welch, Nadia spends some time in the film not wearing anything at all.  In the context of cavegirl films this is known as evolution.

Nadia's fantastic posterior completely dominates this picture of the group of striking cavegirls from her village.

Fortunately, a stills photographer was on hand on the set to record it for posterity.

Although she doen't have the bust of Raquel there is certainly nothing to be ashamed of and we are quite happy to give her the full 10/10 as a cavegirl.

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