Monday, January 17, 2011

Cavewoman Diet!

Well, that's what last week's Sunday Times called the latest trendy American diet devised by one Professor Arthur de Vany.  The professor argues that our bodies should only eat food that humans from 40,000 years ago could have caught or picked.


In fact it looks like another sort of low carbohydrate Atkins diet concentrating on meat, fish, nuts (sadly, not Triple P's favourite, peanuts, as they are a sort of pea not a nut) and vegetables.  The twist being that half  the vegetables you eat should be raw.  Goody! 

The Sunday Times decided that the only way to illustrate this diet was with pictures of a naked girl.  Quite right!  Frankly, the only way that Triple P would adopt this tedious sounding diet was if it attracted cavegirls in fur bikinis. 

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