Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cavegirl: Brinke Stevens

Here is B-movie actress, dancer and model Brinke Stevens nicely dressed as a seaside cavegirl.  Not so much a fur bikini as a wooly one but none the worse for that!

Born in 1954, Brinke (real name Charlene Elizabeth Brinkman) obtained a BSc and then an MSc in Marine Biology.  She also worked as an enviromental consultant for a Californian nuclear power plant from 1979-1981. Modelling in her spare time, she was signed up by a film producer on a modelling shoot.

Her first film appearance was in the  film Necromancy (1972) which starred Orson Welles (!) where she played a Black Sabbath member (not the band, of course) although she only appeared in the 1983 re-release under the title of The Witching, in newly shot scenes of added cult nudity.

Brinke in This is Spinal Tap

The names of her film characters in her first movies in the early eighties tell you everything about her career:  jogging girl, schoolgirl (she was 29 at this point!), nymphet, mistress, shower girl. dream girl (in Emanuelle IV), girlfriend (in This is Spinal Tap (1984)).  Famous mostly as a scream queen in low budget horror and SF films she has made over 100 films and is still working regularly today.

In 1980 she married comic book artist Dave Stevens 1955-2008), creator of The Rocketeer.  In the comic book The Rocketeer's girlfriend is called Bettie and the artist based her face and hair on Bettie Page but  her body was modelled on Brinke's.  In one notorious edition of the comic he had Bettie modelling for photographer Marco of Hollywood who was, in turn based on Penthouse and Playboy photographer Ken Marcus.  The nudity in this issue upset conservative America mothers across the country!

An 18 year old Brinke wins the fancy dress competition at Comic Con dressed as Vampirella

Brinke and Stevens had known each other since the early seventies (they both lived in San Diego and were also on the famous Comic Con committee) but the marriage only lasted six months as he wanted her to stay at home and she wanted to keep working on her scientific career (she was an expert on dolphin communications and also spoke seven languages!) She kept his surname after their divorce, as her acting career took off, never having been that happy with hers. 

It was at this point that Brinke took up modelling to help pay the bills and she appeared in a number of men's magazines in the eighties.  Very little of her modelling involved clothes, it has to be said. 

Another wet day's filming for Brinke with fellow scream queen Linnea Quigley

Likewise for her film career, where her appearances notoriously often involved shower scenes.  She became friends with fellow scream queen Linnea Quigley as they often used to run into each other at auditions and they would spot opportunities for each other.  Brinke wasn't shy about being filmed or photographed with other women as this picture of her and Linnea proves!

Brinke and Linnea have fun for the camera

In January 1985 they both appeared in Playboy in a pictorial called the Girls of Rock n Roll where Brinke was the bass player in Linnea and the Skirts, Quigley's band.  The band is still playing although without Brinke.

Brinke and Linnea in Playboy 1985

Agent Triple P remembers first seeing Brinke in a July 1982 Penthouse pictorial called Marlene and Brinke by David Schoen where she is getting convincingly affectionate with Marlene Ann Cauley.

Marlene and Brinke

So, altogether we think Brinke makes a splendid cavegirl and we'd happily gather a few sea shells with her any prehistoric day.  8/10


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