Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quando le donne avevano la coda (1970)

Someone left a message to the effect that we need to feature Senta Berger on this blog.  Absolutely!  She featured in two Italian caveman comedies in the early seventies and was one of the finest looking cavegirls to ever don a fur bikini.  We will examine her in more detail in a seperate post but first we will take a quick look at her cavegirl films.

The first film Quando le donne avevano la coda (When women had tails) (1970) sees a group of caveman brothers living on an island until a fire burns all the vegetation forcing them to find somewhere else to live.  They leave the island on a raft and land on the mainland.

Having left the island they set a trap to catch some food but instead trap Filli (Berger) who at first sight appears to have a tail due to her animal skin costume.

The brothers want to eat her but one of the other, obviously better evolved, brothers can think of better things to do with her so gives his brothers a goat and hides Filli away for recreational purposes.

Filli reciprocates towards the older brother generating all sorts of fraternal stress.  Eventually Filli and her cave boyfriend flee the others who set off in pursuit but all end up back at Filli's old tribe which consists of dozens of nubile cave-babes very happy to make the acquaintance of the cave brothers.

This film gets notoriously bad reviews and other than Ms Berger the best thing about it is the Ennio Morricone soundtrack.


  1. Never heard of this one.

    Looking forward to more!

  2. Can't find where to send you a PM, try Carry On Up The Jungle, it features statuesque Valerie Leon in a Jungle Girl outfit, really nice!

    She's in a few other Carry Ons as well, and a Hammer Horror called Blood From the Mummy's Tomb. Looks awesome in all.

    Was in love with her slightly husky voice in Carry On Girls, perfect for the character, then was blown away when I learned June Whitfield had dubbed the whole thing..! Impressive. Most impressive.

    Cavegirl from the BBC a few years ago was full of nice Cavegirls as well.

  3. Thanks. Valerie Leon is definitely on the schedule for the next few weeks as is Stacey Cadman as Cavegirl.

    I actually met Ms Leon not very long agao. Still a striking looking lady!

  4. No way! Am jealous. I'd love to meet her, just to say hello and, maybe, see if she really is that tall.