Friday, December 23, 2011

Cavegirl: Holly Valance

What better way to sign off for Christmas than with these pictures of the newly engaged  (to a billionaire businessman) actress and singer Holly Valance, promoting tonight's guaranteed twenty five £1 million pound lottery prizes.  It is good to know that somewhere there are people in advertising agencies who when asked to think of how to promote the lottery instantly start thinking about Holly in animal skins. No doubt it is some deep association with the words "one million" and cavegirls that does it.

Recently we have been admiring the lovely Holly's lithe form in Strictly Come Dancing but we have to say she looks good dressed in animal skin as opposed to all those sequins. 

She is perhaps a little overdressed but we think she makes an excellent cavegirl and quite happily award her an 8/10


  1. Speaking of cavegirls... are you familiar with Senta Berger of "When Women Lost Their Tails"?

  2. I am, but not many others are: