Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cavegirl: Eva Mendes

Not much to say about this one, really.  It's Eva a cavegirl. What's not to like?  Her fur bikini top is, we have to say, unique in the world of cavegirl outfits  We can't imagine that it would stay in place for very long if any strenuous exercise (such as herding a mammoth into a conveniently dug pit) was undertaken but then as William Theiss, the costume designer for the original Star Trek, once noted, the more a costume looks like it is about to fall off the sexier it is.  Frankly, she looks more like the prize for the successful mammoth hunter.

We also approve of the cavegirl hair (meaning that it doesn't look like real cavegirl hair but does look like Raquel Welch's).

Altogether, an easy 9/10.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cavegirl Art 13: Coppertone cavegirl

Here is a nice take on Joyce Ballantyne's famous advertisement for Coppertone by Korean born artist Frank Cho (or Dyuk Hyun Cho, to give him his real name).  She isn't really a cavegirl, as can be seen by her knife, but is Cho's Jungle Girl character who often seems to interact with dinosaurs.  Any why not?

Balantyne was paid $2,500 for this painting for the Coppertone advertisement in 1959 and used her daughter Cheri as the model.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cavegirl on the Rocks

We had a question about the identity of the cavegirl whose picture is above our cavegirl erotica posts section on the right.  Well, we don't really know as the pictures were went to us by our particular friend S in Vancouver.  She said that she wasn't really a cavegirl just a "naked chick on the rocks" but she was "emitting the right vibe".

We couldn't agree more.  We have one other picture of her and she goes under the name of Sian.  We belive the picture may be by Norwegien photographer Petter Hegre who was born in Stavanger but lives in Portugal (understandably).

We know she's not really a cavegirl but she is so nice we don't care!