Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cavegirl Art 18: Girl with club

Here is quite a nice cavegirl with a club.  We don't know who the artist is but maybe someone does.  The pterodactyls and small dinosaurs place her firmly in the cavegirl category rather than the jungle girl category usually suggested by her spotted big cat skin bikini.  Her jewellery seems to be made of teeth, bones and shells so is authentic for her cavegirl existence although we are not sure about her earrings.

In fact her bikini and gloves look very much like jaguar skin so that places her firmly on top of a lost mesa in South America we think; ready to beguile some intrepid explorers who have ascended from the forest below.  

So we like this cavegirl even if there is something of the Julie Strain Penthouse look about her. 

Monday, April 09, 2012

Cavegirl: Raquel Welch 3

This is one of the new ones

A blog on cavegirls in fur bikinis can never have enough Raquel so here are a few pictures we haven't posted before, along with a couple which are in a much higher resolution than we originally posted them.

Although we have posted a similar colour shot to this one this black and white one is a slightly different (and very effective pose).

The top one of these two of Raquel on rocks by the sea is new and the bottom one is a much higher resolution than originally posted.

The top one is a bigger version than we have shown in the past but the bottom one is new.  If there is anything better than a cavegirl in a fur bikini it's a wet cavegirl in a fur bikini.  Finding a new Raquel in fur bikini photo is always a pleasure and the bottom one we hadn't seen in any form before so was very grateful to S from Vancouver who sent it to us for our birthday this year (along with the yellow one at the top).