Monday, April 09, 2012

Cavegirl: Raquel Welch 3

This is one of the new ones

A blog on cavegirls in fur bikinis can never have enough Raquel so here are a few pictures we haven't posted before, along with a couple which are in a much higher resolution than we originally posted them.

Although we have posted a similar colour shot to this one this black and white one is a slightly different (and very effective pose).

The top one of these two of Raquel on rocks by the sea is new and the bottom one is a much higher resolution than originally posted.

The top one is a bigger version than we have shown in the past but the bottom one is new.  If there is anything better than a cavegirl in a fur bikini it's a wet cavegirl in a fur bikini.  Finding a new Raquel in fur bikini photo is always a pleasure and the bottom one we hadn't seen in any form before so was very grateful to S from Vancouver who sent it to us for our birthday this year (along with the yellow one at the top).

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