Friday, July 13, 2012

Cavegirl Art 21: Pre-production poster for One Million Years BC (1965)

The poster for One Million Years BC, with its iconic shot of Raquel Welch, is so well known that it is interesting to look at this pre-production example from before the time when Welch was on board.

Painted by the British doyenne of the film poster, Tom Chantrell (1916-2001), it has already made the image of the girl more dominant than the prehistoric creatures.  Chantrell produced the final posters for the film as well and pretty much the only thing he kept was the title writing and the circling pterodactyls.

Chantrell, who left Manchester Art College at the age of fifteen to join a local advertising agency, worked at Allardyce Palmer from the forties until the eighties, turning out some 7000 designs in total.  He did a lot of work for Hammer and averaged three posters a week.  Most of his posters, like the One Million Years BC one, were produced before the film had been made and were designed to help attract finance. He produced many striking posters but his most famous poster is probably this one for a well known seventies science fiction film. 

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