Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas to all our readers!

A Happy Christmas (or whatever your equivalent may be) to all our readers.  We really appreciate those who come by and, especially, those who take the time to comment.  

Our Christmas cavegirl is Edina Ronay from Hammer Film's Prehistoric Women (1967).  More on this in the New Year.


  1. Hi, just a general comment. love your blog but so far you've missed out two of my favorite cave girls in fur bikinis
    1 Celeste Yarnall in The Face of Eve 1968
    2 Michelle Bauer in The phantom Empire 1988

  2. Don't know either of these films. Thanks for pointing them out!

  3. hi. can provid photos if you want. just post up an e-mail adress both easly track-down-able on the internet anyway. but both deserve features.