Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cavegirl: Micky De Rauch in One Million Years BC

Here we have model Micky De Rauch who played First Shell Girl in Hammer Film's One Million Years BC (1966).  More importantly she was also Raquel Welch's body double so had to don her own version of the famous fur bikini.  Hers was the body filmed in most of the more active stunts but she later recalled that she only had the one costume so that after three weeks shooting it was "pretty dirty and smelly".

Being a body double for Raquel Welch must have been something of an intimidating role but we can see that she looks very fine indeed, with a nice trim waist and a splendid stomach.  She admitted to putting socks into her top as she couldn't compete with the Welch bust.

Things were going well between the twenty year old English model and Welch until the star was off sick one day in Lanzarote, where the exterior scenes were filmed in the prehistoric, volcanic landscape.  Welch not being there some Spanish reporters, visiting the set, took pictures of De Rauch, who happily posed for them, and published them with Welch's name attached to them.

Welch and her manager were furious and De Rauch said that the film's director advised her to take an extended holiday and that Welch subsequently cut her dead at the film premiere.  For her part she felt that Welch wasn't that attractive and her voice had a "Southern whine".  Should have had an in costume cat fight to sort it out, ladies.