Monday, September 16, 2013

Cavegirl Art 23: Coppertone Cavegirl by Frank Cho

There is a lot of cavegirl comic book style art out there but we don't feature it that much because most of it isn't very good.  However, we were tickled by Frank Cho's take on the classic Coppertone girl.  His girl has a very un-Stone Age sword as she suffers at the jaws of a couple of small dinosaurs.  So she is either a Lost World cavegirl or a time travelling one.

His picture is, of course, a pastiche of Joyce Ballantyne's classic advertisement for Coppertone from 1959,for which she used her three year old daughter, Cheri, as the model.

Since it originally came out the picture has been parodied many times, including this fine version featuring Carmen Elektra for the cover of Esquire.


Brian said...

I agree the standard of cavegirl comic art is not that great. Some gems do however exist. One I found recently was done by the artist Tom Simonton. Originally called Jungle Girl I have also seen it called Cavewoman and Rhino. I think it deserves a spot on your site as both the art and subject matter are great.

gibson99 said...

Frank Cho does good work, might be worth blog post.