Monday, September 02, 2013

Cavegirl secretary: Maj-Britt Mannson in The Nine Ages of Nakedness

Here is an unusual example of a cavegirl from Harrison Marks' 1970 film The Nine Ages of Nakedness.  The actress at the stone age typwriter is the utterly gorgeous Maj-Britt Manson.

We would guess that she is Swedish, by her name, but have been unable to find anything else about her other than this one picture of her in a rubber boat.


  1. Wow! What a hottie! Kind've a cross between Britt Eklund and Catherine Bach.

    The picture of Miss Mannson in the raft is from the June 1968 PLAYBOY pictorial, "The Girls of Scandinavia", The caption doesn't say much except for her being a "Danish damsel". They have her name as Maj Britt Mannson, with Germanic umlauts over the "a" in her last name.

    This was a couple of years before the Harrison Marks movie. Maybe she was popular in the European pinup market and hasn't yet been "discovered" in the States?

  2. I saw that movie when it was out! Didn't realize that it was still around in some format!