Friday, February 07, 2014

Cavegirl: Brigitte Bardot

A great find by Mikey, on his Shanna the She-Devil blog, is this splendid shot of Brigitte Bardot, which we hadn't seen before.  Bardot, in leopard print, tied up.  Splendid!

Although she is more of a jungle girl this picture from the same shoot is particularly cave girl-like as well.  Agent Triple P once spent a couple of days in a yacht moored off Bardot's beach-side house in St Tropez. All you could hear was the barking of what sounded like dozens of dogs in kennels in her garden.

This is from a different shoot but her leafy headdress and primitive beads turn her into the sort of cavegirl you would very much like to have out gathering a few berries for you while you cook some mammoth steak,

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